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    what nightmares are made of….

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    My friend wrote this article on Reddit and it is now going viral everywhere. She really did nail it. Reblog the shit out of this and spread it like wildfire!

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  4. tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

    Is “robots” a correct answer?

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    Happy Birthday, Jack! We are joined our hearts to congratulate you from different corners of our country. We hope you’ll enjoy this day, like any other day of your life, ‘cause it has to be special for such an unusual, radiant person. Be brave, be artistic and inspiring. Be yourself and don’t let a thing stop you.
    We can’t wait to finally see “ILLUSION”, which seems to be awesome already. It’s so thrilling and exciting we could not stay away, as you can see. Surely we’ll reach the target together to see what you’ve been worked on so hard. Let your (and our) dream come true!
    Best wishes!

    Thanks for participation:

    Victoria Schneider
    Katerina Holmanskaya
    Daria Romanovskaya
    Maria Petrova
    Alisa Kaplan
    Alexey Kuznetsov
    Alexandra Weissweber
    Niki MrDopeStar

    GIFS are made by Mr. Dope Star. We thank you for your efforts!

    [Yu and Strify Russian Fan Support]

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  6. Dear jackxstrify, here’s our little surprise for you. We decided to make every wish really personal and join the words we’d like to say in one. Actually, it’s only one part of what we have done together. There is also another surprise that, thanks to Mr. Dope Star, was created, but we will reveal this later.

    We hope you’ll spend time surrounded by your close friends and family and this day will be joyful and amazing, like every other day of your life. Create magic with your voice and muse, inspire, love and be loved in return.

    Thank you.

    Happy Birthday!

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    Dear Strify, happy birthday from Official Russian Support and mrDopestar. Thanks for everything 

    That’s hilarious! Awesome work. And hard too. I guess that’s the most unusual present for now on. I love it.

    And of course, congratulations to the main character!

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    Scanned from “A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup”.

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    "We go forward."

    Created by owlturdcomix 

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    Nearly 9 years since you first found me and we have never been the same again… we have both tried to move on, even both meeting wonderful people who enriched our lives and taught us how to be better partners, but our hearts have never been quite right with out each other. Full circle…to have the flames of your first ever love reignited after nearly a decade from each other but the new wisdom and emotional intelligence that only maturity and time brings. You created a terrible little monster Sir and it finally found its way back home.

    What a beautiful couple.

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